Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall [All Black] Fashion Fancies

so you may be asking, 'why all black?', and to answer your job, it requires me to wear black, and nothing but black, every day! I find myself, when shopping, not even looking at it if it's not's a problem haha!


Above are 6 items from forever21 that caught my eye when browsing their site the other night. perfect work attire but still comfortable, which is me all the way. i love to look stylish and chic but i need to be comfortable! i love forever21 for their variety of styles and affordable price. Especially in a profession where staying on trend is key and are constantly updating our wardrobes. 
Here are 6 pieces that will be transitioning me into my fall line up! First up.... 
now, i love this because at work i wear leggings, but like for my butt to be covered. most tops aren't that long, so when i saw this light weight but long cardigan it yelled 'BUY ME!' great for transitioning into fall with.
this dress is perfect for fall, because it's longer yet still can be worn with cute little booties. the ruched detail above the slit also makes for a flattering technique, and who doesn't love that? 
for the chillier fall days this sweatshirt gives warmth, and style with the bejeweled shoulders. adds a bit of fancy to something super casual.
booties go with skirts, shorts, dresses, tights, jeans, everything!! you don't have to tuck pants into 'em and can dress up an outfit with no effort at all. i need a good universal bootie and these are it!
now these leggings have a lot going on, i do admit it. but, when wearing all black, it can start to blend together so you have to be creative with texture. these will keep my outfit distinct and interesting, and prevent all the black shades running together. (forever21 has lots more i wanted to include ps.)
ok, so i sort of cheated and threw in this gray piece! this is actually my favorite piece of the 6. if you didn't know gray is my favorite color so i could not pass it up! not only is it gray, but it is the epitome of my style!! wish it came in black too though.
(to see item details and price, click the name of the item and you'll be directed to it!)

tell me your must-have piece for fall fashion. 



  1. I love wearing oversized sweaters in fall. Nothing better than being warm and comfy :)

    1. yes indeed! oversized sweaters is a must for fall/winter! thanks for commenting!!
      checking out your blog now :)