Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Spring 2014 Makeup Essentials

Spring is arriving (thank God)!!! Not only is the weather changing, but so are trends in makeup and fashion. Here are some key products that will keep my makeup and skin on trend this spring.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Foundation Brush Breakdown

Breaking down 3 groups of foundation brush types! Come see my favorites! 

Current Beauty Wish List + MY WEBSITE

So, you might be wondering 'what's up with the link?' above, but i assure you, it just redirects you to my *NEW* Professional website that has a whole space for me to blog on. So from now on, my post will be located there. I will continue to post a 'teaser' of the post here, and then link you to the full post on my website. I hope this isn't too much hassle, I tried to do all the work for you ;) haha!
(This was the solution I came up with, rather than just deleting my blog here. Since i've already built up a following on here, I wanted to give those of you that like my post an opportunity to still see them!)

Oh, and after you check out the blog post, feel free to take a look at the rest of my website. I've spent some time developing it, and it's probably going to be ever changing, but definitely leave me comments and let me know what you think! 

Love you guys, and i'll see you over on!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bare with Me

Hello fellow bloggers and readers!
As you probably noticed, there are pictures that are completely gone/not showing up in majority of my posts. while switching over to google+, i was confused on why all my blogger pictures were on there and deleted them from google+...or so i thought. evidently i deleted them from my entire blogosphere! I quickly tried to undo what i had done and although my pictures are still showing up in my blogger albums on picasa and google+, i am still having to go in manually and add each individual picture back to every post.
This is so unfortunate and discouraging, so i just want to ask you guys to bare with me while i try to get my blog back to its normal, picture-filled self! Thanks for your patience and sticking with me!

Has this happened to any of you? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 



Tuesday, October 29, 2013

MOTD - Lovely Sunday

I had an amazing sunday off of work and it was a beautiful fall day, so my boyfriend and i decided to do a bit of shopping and grab some food while we were out and about. we also took our dog, buck, for a walk at the park, his favorite thing to do! haha. it was just a really, really good & relaxing day, and i needed it SO badly! how was your sunday??

The Makeup Details: 
MAC Lightful essence serum 
Clinique moisture surge 
MAC mineralize cream foundation
MAC sculpting cream in pure sculpture 
MAC select cover up concealer
MAC transparent powder loose
MAC cream blush in lilicent (LE)
MAC blush in Melba 
MAC cream color base in pearl
MAC mineralize skin finish in by candlelight (LE)
Lid: MAC e/s in tempting
Crease: MAC e/s in wedge and brown script 
Inner corner: MAC e/s in dazzlelight
Liner: Revlon felt tip marker liquid liner
Mascara: Clinique lash doubling in black
MAC sheen supreme lipstick in pret-a-pretty (LE) 
MAC plushglass in fulfilled

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Introspection of the Day

If you read my reintroduction post, you now know that i am a deep thinker. i like to analyze life and day dream. 'introspection' is defined as: the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes. these types of posts will evoke some sort of emotion in us all, or at least i hope it does. enjoy my first go at 'introspection of the day'! 

a beautiful, untouched place where you aren't being reminded by society of who you are supposed to be, completely at peace, a place to reflect, and so good for the soul.
the world is so busy these days and it's easy to get caught up on things that, in the grand scheme of things, don't truly matter. sometimes getting away and taking a moment for yourself to just relax and decompress is all that you need. try it!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall [All Black] Fashion Fancies

so you may be asking, 'why all black?', and to answer your job, it requires me to wear black, and nothing but black, every day! I find myself, when shopping, not even looking at it if it's not's a problem haha!


Above are 6 items from forever21 that caught my eye when browsing their site the other night. perfect work attire but still comfortable, which is me all the way. i love to look stylish and chic but i need to be comfortable! i love forever21 for their variety of styles and affordable price. Especially in a profession where staying on trend is key and are constantly updating our wardrobes. 
Here are 6 pieces that will be transitioning me into my fall line up! First up.... 
now, i love this because at work i wear leggings, but like for my butt to be covered. most tops aren't that long, so when i saw this light weight but long cardigan it yelled 'BUY ME!' great for transitioning into fall with.
this dress is perfect for fall, because it's longer yet still can be worn with cute little booties. the ruched detail above the slit also makes for a flattering technique, and who doesn't love that? 
for the chillier fall days this sweatshirt gives warmth, and style with the bejeweled shoulders. adds a bit of fancy to something super casual.
booties go with skirts, shorts, dresses, tights, jeans, everything!! you don't have to tuck pants into 'em and can dress up an outfit with no effort at all. i need a good universal bootie and these are it!
now these leggings have a lot going on, i do admit it. but, when wearing all black, it can start to blend together so you have to be creative with texture. these will keep my outfit distinct and interesting, and prevent all the black shades running together. (forever21 has lots more i wanted to include ps.)
ok, so i sort of cheated and threw in this gray piece! this is actually my favorite piece of the 6. if you didn't know gray is my favorite color so i could not pass it up! not only is it gray, but it is the epitome of my style!! wish it came in black too though.
(to see item details and price, click the name of the item and you'll be directed to it!)

tell me your must-have piece for fall fashion.